This Web book is based on public domain material provided by the US government and is available in several versions. See the editorial for more information.


"Austria - A Country Study" is the first of a series of country studies which is based on material of the US Library of Congress. The public domain material has been reformatted, indexed and enhanced by many new photos. In addition, several mistakes have been corrected.

The electronic book is both available in three forms:

All latter two versions are available from the PhotoGlobe Web site ( While the contents of all versions of the book are the same, the navigation structure of the Bookshelf version is much more sophisticated. Thus we encourage all "power users" to install Bookshelf which provides several other free ebooks, as well.

The material consists of two parts: (1) the text and the black&white photos which have been put into public domain by the US government, and (2) the colored photos supplied by various authors. While the text itself being free, the pictures, the general layout and the navigation structures are not. Thus you should not consider this particular implementation as public domain material. However, we do grant the right to use the material for educational purposes without asking and without paying any licenses. We simply ask you to make a reference to the book Web site and/or to the PhotoGlobe Web site (whatever is appropriate).

Technically speaking, this electronic book is based on Coimbra, an authoring tool for eBooks. More information on Coimbra can be found at the Coimbra Web site:

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