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The sunny area in the south of Spain offers more to the national economy than simply tourism. Over the past 50 years, the small coastal plain of Campo -- about 30 kilometers (19 miles) southwest of the city of Almería -- has been intensively developed for agriculture. An estimated 20,000 hectares of extra-early market produce is grown in greenhouses in the Campo de Dalías and ..... more
The Sierra Nevada, part of the Betic Cordillera of southern Spain, were formed during the Alpine Orogeny, a mountain-building event that also formed the European Alps to the east and the Atlas Mountains of northern Africa across the Mediterranean Sea to the south..... more
The Ebro River Delta, located along the eastern coast of (Spain), is one of the largest wetland areas (320 km2) in the western Mediterranean region. The Ebro delta has grown rapidly - the historical rate of growth of the delta is demonstrated by the city of Amposta. more
A thick pall of sand and dust blew out from the Sahara Desert over the Atlantic Ocean yesterday (January 6, 2002), engulfing the Canary Islands (Spain) in what has become one of the worst sand storms ever recorded there. more
This natural-color satellite image shows the meeting place of Earth's second largest and second smallest continents: Africa and Europe. This image is a mosaic of numerous images captured throughout 2000-02 by the vertical-viewing (nadir) camera...... more
Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, a Spanish possession located off the northwestern coast of Africa. According to scientists, the islands in the chain could have been produced by eruptions of basaltic shield volcanoes as the African tectonic plate moved over a stationary "hot spot" much like the formation of the Hawaiian Islands..... more
Fires continued to burn across the Iberian Peninsula on July 28, 2004. Along with scorching temperatures, both Portugal (occupies roughly the western quarter of the peninsula) and Spain (occupying the remainder of the peninsula) have been experiencing dangerous wildfires in late July. more
Although Ceuta belongs politically to Spain, the Spanish enclave is - geographically speaking - part of Morocco. Ceuta occupies a narrow isthmus of land on the African side of the Strait of Gibraltar; the rest of the surrounding territory is Morocco. The isthmus and the city of Ceuta have been used as a military base since the Roman Empire occupied the area around AD 42..... more