Photos - San Francisco (United States) 

San Francisco is located on the west coast of the U.S. at the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula and includes significant stretches of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay and several islands, notably Alcatraz, Treasure Island, and the adjacent Yerba Buena Island. When you visit San Francisco you will immediately notice that San Francisco is completely different from other cities in the American Southwest. It has more charme of a European city, comparable to Paris, and attracts many tourists who come not only so see the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

However, San Francisco is also known for being under threat of a possible major earthquake in the near future. Even though neither passes through the city itself, the San Andreas and Hayward Faults are responsible for much earthquake activity, and it was the San Andreas Fault which slipped and caused the earthquakes in 1906 and 1989.

If you are planning to visit San Francisco you may be interested in having a quick look at several photos of the city. Click on the links at the right to view the pictures. We have taken any attempt to provide exact (GPS-based) coordinates of the positions where the photos have been taken.
Here you see the area of San Francisco from space. Image courtesy of Earth
Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.
Bay Bridge - Ferry Terminal, Gate B - Telegraph Hill - Alcatraz - Downtown seen from Pier 39 - Seal Colony at Pier 39 - Shops at Pier 39 - Yacht harbour - Harbour - North Bay and Alcatraz - Russian Hill and Lombard Street - Golden Gate - Bay Bridge - Financial District - Cable Car - The Crookedest Street - Telegraph Hill from Russian Hill - The Pyramid - China Town - China Town II - New York I - New York II - Harbour - Golden Gate Bridge and Harbour - Skyline - Golden Gate Bridge - Alcatraz and East Bay - Walking over the Golden Gate - Skyline II - Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset - The City seen from Alcatraz - Golden Gate on the Rocks - City Hall - Supreme Court of California - Mc Allister corner with Leavenworth Street - Public Library - Market Street - Orpheum - De Young Museum - Japanese Tea Garden - Pagoda - Stow Lake - Bridge to Strawberry Hill - Sutro Heights Park and Cliff House - Seals Rock - Near Cliff House - Ocean Beach