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partyMongolian People's Revolutionary Party
 Central Committee
 Regional and Local Party Organizations
party congressParty Congress
party membershipMembership
party systemThe Political Process
pastoral nomadismIntroduction
 Pastoral Nomadism
pastoralismPastoralism in Practice
paved roadsTransportation
penal systemThe Penal System
People's Great HuralForm of Government
 Constitutional Framework
per capita consumptionRetail Trade and Consumption
per capita incomeWorking Conditions and Income
Political BureauForm of Government
 Political Bureau and Secretariat
political development in 1989Developments in 1989
political systemGeneral Political Values and Attitudes
politicsGovernment and Politics
 The Political Process
 Bibliography - Government and Politics
 Society and Its Environment
 Vital Rates
 Pro-natal Policies
 Population Distribution
 The Urban Population
 Society - Survey
prairiesPastoral Nomadism
prisonThe Penal System
procuratorCriminal Court System
procurement systemDomestic Trade and Other Services
progressScience, Progress, and Tradition
public securityThe Security System
 Auxiliary Security Forces
publicationsMajor Channels
punishmentCriminal Code
purgesPurges of the Opposition, 1928-32
purges in the partyThe New Turn Policy, 1932-40

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