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Bibliography - Government and Politics

Mongolia's contemporary politics have not been so widely studied by Western scholars as have the traditional historical subjects. A shortage of qualified linguists, the inaccessibility of the country to foreign scholars, and the fact that Mongolia has not played a major independent role in international affairs, were the main reasons for the dearth of scholarship and reporting. The most recent and inclusive source in the English language is Mongolia: Politics, Economics, and Society by Alan J. Sanders. Sanders also reports frequently on all aspects of Mongolia in the Far Eastern Economic Review. Victor P. Petrov's, Mongolia: A Profile, although dated, is also helpful. Useful articles and annual survey articles dealing with Mongolian politics appear in Asian Survey. Robert A. Rupen's How Mongolia Is Really Ruled explores the dynamics of Mongolian politics and demonstrates the importance of external factors, mainly the Soviet Union. The primary source on Mongolian legislation and legal documentation was William E. Butler's The Mongolian Legal System. A detailed study of the Mongolian Constitution is provided by George Ginsburgs in "Mongolia's `Socialist' Constitution," in Pacific Affairs.

Mongolian foreign policy matters were dealt with in Thomas E. Stolper's China, Taiwan, and the Offshore Islands, and in more detail in the annual Asian Survey articles and in Robert A. Scalapino's Major Power Relations in Northeast Asia. The United States government's Joint Publications Research Service publishes translations of selected Mongollanguage and Russian-language material. Mongol radiobroadcasts and periodicals are translated and published in the United States government's Foreign Broadcast Information Service, Daily Report: East Asia. The annual editions of the American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies and the Bibliography of Asian Studies also should be consulted for current publications on Mongolian government and politics.

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