More photos in the vicinity:
Dachstein and Schafberg seen from Lichtenberg
Traunstein, Attersee and Höllengebirge
Attersee and Traunstein

The Attergauer Aussichtsturm at Lichtenberg offers a splendid view of its surroundings. Here we are looking towards southeast. From left to right we see Traunstein (1691 m), Kasberg, Großer Priel, and Feuerkogel. Lake Attersee is in front.
Lake Attersee seen from Lichtenberg
Date: Oct 24, 2004
Longitude: 13° 25.55'
Latitude: 47° 55.96'

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Map references: left: courtesy CIA, middle: courtesy LOC map collection, right: courtesy NASA.
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